06 October 2012

The opening of my one man show

 Here I am talikng obout the techniques I used. That is my Dad with the walker
 He looks depressed but he was actually just trying to stand up.
 Unloading the wine glasses
 Lots of glasses. Theywere replenished about half way through the night.
 Mr talking to two women. I am giving them mt card.
 An explanation 

 My mother on the bench smiling.


  1. I think that's the dream of every quilter to get a one-womenshow . I hope you get many visitors and perhaps even sell something.

  2. Congratulations Beth, it looks wonderful - so wish I could have been there!

    Now let's hope for lots of red stickers!

  3. It's the dream of every artist to have a solo exhibition.You have a lot of guests. Enjoy it!

  4. The Steekplus comment is mine. Sorry!

  5. It looks very cosy. Hope you get a lot of visitors.

  6. How good to be surrounded by these nice people amongst your beautifull work. Love your jacket by the way...


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