31 October 2012

3rd anniversary - 9th and last day

Day 8 giveaway winner is Ineke

I am calling today's post "The Wrap-up". This has been fun for me and I have actually enjoyed trying to think of 9 interesting posts to go along with my 3rd blog anniversary. 
Sandy was an unexpected visitor but here in Maine it was a non-event. We are used to astronomically high tides in conjunction with high winds. The rain did pound down but it was during the night so we slept through most of it. 
This will be a potpourri of odd bits. I had a lot of comments on my "Bread Fruit" green walls. Most of the house is "Pea Soup" green. This is my upstairs bathroom. The house was built in the 1880's and there were no bathrooms. The current upstairs bathroom was a bedroom so it fairly large, about 10  X 12. It was the original olive room. When I was trying to figure out what color to paint the living room I was flummoxed. I told my brother, "All I know is I love that olive green bathroom" and so it went. 

One of my earliest pieces

The gallery wall

The back wall of my shower.

This is the mini-version of Winter Marsh I did for the class trimmed and ready to frame

When I get better at this, I will do a tutorial. I made too many mistakes and didn't take photos either.

I was looking for a heavier frame and I had some scraps of trimmed wood my neighbor gave me so I beveled the edges and glued it up

In "Pony" clamps


All cleaned up and ready for a new project

The new project will be a new purse with room for my watercolor book.

This is a wallet I have had for over 20 years. I can't seem to find a replacement. One of my sketchbooks is under it.

This is a sheet of packing paper I am using to "draw out" the plans for the new purse. The fabric above is what I am thinking of using. Hopefully I will have this done by Friday. And finally...

It is amazing what you will see and who you may "meet" in the blogisphere. I have become very well acquainted with many of you reading this and you have made by experiences and life much richer. Thank you for reading my blog posts, commenting and to many of you for becoming friends. See you Friday!

Leave a comment for this last giveaway.

If you aren't interested in the fabric per se, you can shibori it again in another color, over dye it or do any experiments you might find interesting and share it with us.


  1. Not interested in the shibori? Are you kidding? And I do love the green walls! Love the glimpses of the studio in working mode and 'ready-to-start' mode.

  2. Thanks for having a look in your house. It feels like living nextdoor! I am not a fan of green, but when I see the colors in your house I have to change my mind. It is beautiful. And a lovely package of shibori!

  3. The walls are great and the colors of your art really just stand out on them. I would thought the green would overpower it but not so!

    The shibori fabrics -I could not overdye them! I agree with Kathy.

  4. Love your mini Winter Marsh! And what a great studio. Bit jealous, because I'm still working on my kitchentable.

  5. Oh, oh, oh, shibori! Beth, I adore your early piece with the feathers and the crows. I have a special attraction to both as well. And also happy to have "met" you!

  6. Thanks Beth!! I really am a lucky one, this is the second time. And thanks for all the time you took for showing us your house and all those things. Shibori has to stay shibori, so beautiful.
    You make my day.

  7. I love your shibori fabric! and I'm still amazed at how much thread you have!!!

  8. I should love to get that shibori!
    Thank you for showing your study, very interesting!

  9. Oooooo,oooo,oooo, this is what I hope I win! I LOVE these pieces. I like the green walls too.

  10. Well, I'm probably the only one who doesn't want to win this fabric, I already have more than enough of it, it's an addiction making it!

  11. Shibori is always wondrous.

  12. The shibori is wonderful!

  13. Love, Love, Love Shibori ...
    thanks for the chance for a great give away!
    BTW...did I say I LOVE Shibori?


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