16 October 2012

The mini version

I am a bit late for my Monday post because I have been feverishly trying to finish the quilting on what has proven to be my biggest art quilt. A few weeks ago I taught a class in Improvisational Quilting in Trenton, Maine. I brought the finished top of "Woodland Frost" and showed the painting I had done. As an exercise and visual explanation of exactly how to make an improvisational quilt, I made a mini version of the big quilt.
The darts were so small that I accidentally ended up with one coming out as a tuck. What a happy accident. On a small quilt with a small tuck, I found I could get away without adding the extra fabric of a dart. Here is what I did.

I took my rotary cutter and made 6 slashes in the finished piece.

Then I found some long thin scraps and ironed them flat then in half lengthwise.

Nest I sewed then in with a scant 16th" seam just catching the edges of the slash. On four I had to sew again from the other side to catch the edges better.

Close-up of the tucks

 Good view of the tucks which are at MOST 3/8"

And the entire piece ironed as flat as I could get it. If I start quilting in the dead center I may be able to flatten it out even more with the quilting. Stay tuned.

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