13 October 2012

Slice and dice in the other direction (part 3)

Yeah. I like this color much better. Even though the painting was very light chartreuse, it didn't translate well into fabric. Grateful I dyed quite a range of values of greens.

It may look like a bit of a (green) sore thumb but just wait. Remember there is a variety of this colorway yet to be used.

First of three of the darker value trees

Bit of a detail

You see what I mean about that snow dye. It is simple gorgeous fabric.

The three darker trees

Five lighter tress, three of which were done as darts.

 The two in the center and the far right.
 Done with the piecing

Nice colors. Tomorrow LOTS OF STEAM and pressure to try to make this puppy lay down. Then I start with the heavy quilting. Before I touch this with a needle I have to formulate a quilting plan of attack starting in the center. Right now I am thinking large dark purple block to the right of center then the center tree then the four dark purple sections to the right of center then the 3 trees to the right of center. I may need to do vermicelli on the trees and just keep the stitching in the dark purple segment just in the center. This is huge and very wavy so the wrong move could skew everything....hum?

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  1. You're so brave . That first slice must be terrifying . But it's looking better and better ... and better !
    Looking forward to seeing how you quilt it .


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