03 October 2012

A small bag

This is going to be a compilation of photos showing what I did with little detailed instruction. If you can sew, you can figure it out and if you can't sew, I sort of just made this up as I went along without many measurements at all. It's a "wing-it" bag made from a scrap left over from my beautiful jacket. I just felt like sewing. I made mistakes and will try again THEN I will give the instructions.

                                           Great tip I stole from someone
 Putting the lavender tabs on the end of the zip, kept the zipper bulk out of the side seam.

                                  This was the mistake captured forever on film
                                                  side seam (serger) 
This was a brand new commercial quilt I had purchased days before rescuing a standard poodle. She was in heat and couldn't be spayed until her heat was over. You can see the horrible stains on the NEW quilt. I tried everything to get the stains out then decided to use thickened dyes to cover it all.


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