29 October 2012

3rd Anniversary Giveaway Day 7

Day 6 giveaway winner is Gill

Finally the framed "Winter Marsh" (working name Woodland Frost).
All five of last weeks blog post were done on Sunday while I was waiting for the lumber yard to open on Monday. I did get the materials delivered and framed the quilt but had to wait til the five posts were finished.
This piece started as a sketch, then cotton was dyed. I used improvisational piecing to create the horizontals then sliced through the finished piece to create the verticals.  After the image was pieced I laid it out on a huge piece of synthetic felt and quilted it to death.
Now I am ready to frame the quilt using this first framing method.

Winter Marsh fully quilted and smoothed flat on my rug

The back of the Styrofoam on the front of the quilt. One on top of the other with both right sides up

 After being assured the foam was the correct dimension, I traced around the edges of the foam then used that lines to cut away the excess. I cut right ON the line because I like to stretch the quilt a bit as I pin it.

This is an eraser pen I picked up at Joanns. The pink end marks and the white end has a liquid that erases. I didn't erase, just cut on the line.

All trimmed to size

I forgot to show the quilt face down and the step where I spray the back (felt side) with a light temporary fabric adhesive. The Styrofoam is chemically touchy so I try to be "light" with the spray adhesive and only spray it on the cloth. 505 is a good choice. Once the quilt is on the foam and centered perfectly, I smooth it down firmly starting in the center (see tutorial above) then start the pinning.

All pinned and ready to frame

Framed, from across the room, with my faithful (plastic) crow keeping vigil.

A close-up. OK, we have already established that I love olive green. This particular color is called "Bread Fruit" which I learned was a plant in Hawaii. The green on the left wall is called "Pea Soup". LOVE it.

* Another note. Remember the 8th day giveaway that I forgot. Well it turns out I didn't forget to have one, just forgot to add it to the list (pictures) of the giveaways so I am adding it on as today's giveaway. I think you will like it.

Still to come: two more days of giveaways (Tuesday and Wednesday)


  1. I have enjoyed following your progress on this quilt Beth, and now it looks absolutely stunning hanging on your wall! I love it!

  2. It's beautiful. Your lamp on the table has the same colors in it, and I can also see the bottom edge of another quilt going up the stairs that probably has the same colors, too. Stay dry today, hope the hurricane stays away from Maine!

  3. Beautiful colorcombination and how it matches with the wall. That is great!

  4. Hi Beth,

    It does look amazing on that wall!

    Took a look at some of your tutorials. I really liked your framing methods.

  5. I love the wallhanging and I love the book I think ;-)
    De colors look great on your wall!

  6. I think the same: Looks great on the wall.

  7. Wow I love your work and its so nice on the green wall.

  8. Your quilt looks even more fabulous hung on the wall.

  9. He looks gorgeous on your wall.

  10. I don't like pea soup but LOVE your wall! It's a perfect combination with this quilt, great!

  11. Beautiful piece on my favorite color wall! I love any kind of green but this one is the best.

  12. I'm still so torn all the time by framing methods that make a permanent meld of the quilt and frame. I think I'm still thinking like a quilter. Thanks for showing how good your permanent framing method looks!

  13. Great to see the finished piece.

  14. Beth, Your finished quilt looks amazing on your wall! I'm also really inspired by how skillfully you coordinated your fabric dyeing for this quilt. Bravo!

  15. Beth, Your finished quilt looks amazing on your wall! I'm also really inspired by how skillfully you coordinated your fabric dyeing for this quilt. Bravo!

  16. I's wonderful this wallhanging. I love the colors and combinations. Congrats!


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