10 October 2012

Slice and Dice (part 2)

Start with a full half yard

 Slicing and dicing and holding back on some of that fabulous snow dyed fabric (small pieces on the right and left) for the top

See that snow dye in the center - YUM

 I didn't mean to put that dark purple in. I do like it just not THAT much of it.

 Careful pruning of the darker value
 Oh I like this
 That snow dye on top looks like weather ahead. Love it. Definitely one of the most beautiful pieces of fabric I ever made.
 Oh my. That light chartreuse is just too light and next to the dark purple, looks yellow. What's a girl to do?
 Future trees standing tall with maybe a substitute light olive for the light chartreuse standing in on the left.
Yeah. I like that better.  Come back tomorrow and see what happened later that afternoon...

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  1. Well this is an interesting beginning! And it's going to be huge when compared with the original!


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