25 October 2012

3rd Anniversary Day 5

Winner of Day 4 giveaway is Laura.

OK so maybe you are better at counting than I am but I have 8 giveaways and only seven (finally counted them) prizes so here is #8. I used some of these designs to do the free motion backgrounds on this quilt. This will be the giveaway on the last day, Oct 30. Not today.

and the Studio Tour (part 2)........

and maybe a bit less exciting

This is the shelf with all my white goods. The two bolts on the left are Southern Belle from Joanns which I buy with a 50% off coupon online only. It's a tightly woven fabric, soft too. This is what I use for all my hand dyeing. next are varying width NICE muslin in white from 45" to over 100". Then is natural linen, white linen, white and black rayon, and some silks. I also have silks in a cabinet. There are 2 squeegees for paper which I bought not knowing they were for paper.

This is fabric that has been pre-treated with soda ash, an overhead projector (got it after Katrina on ebay - a bit muddy but it works), a bolt of misty fuse, soda ash and 10 squeegees from a class for 10 that was cancelled (remind me never to work for that group again!)

Liquids like gel medium, glazes, digital grounds, spray adhesives, bleach gel, color magnet (new untried), and materials for stamp making as well as completed stamps

Foil, foil adhesives  reed. Yes, I've been making beautiful baskets for almost 30 years, sponges, metal bits, rollers and brayers.

This is funny. That Staples box has 60 foam brushes. I was at ACMoore one day with Rosalita and they had a bin of foam brushes - 20 for $1. Nuff said! I also have zipper by the yard (about 30 yards (25 cents a yard - no explanation needed). Heavy awning material (free) a laminator (???) glue sticks and guns and steel wool for rusting.

 More soda ash (you'd think I dyed a lot?) old QA, SAQA, SDA journals as well as 50 oz. of wool roving that I bought from a SAQA member for $1.10 an oz dyed - some from Australia.

My other Brother, a simpler machine (no computer screen or laptod hookup), my Janome felting machine and 1 yard pieces of every color felt (never did make that project from 3 years ago)

More completed stamps, stretchers, graphite paper, more squeegees (mine) string, paints and Styrofoam meat trays.

This is the other place I spend my time. My new IKEA tall chair my brother, Eric, got me in August, my table that I do almost all my work on and back to back is my homemade ironing board. This is one of the best things I've made.

This is an old bookcase that holds "other" art and craft books, my serger. odd notions like Velcro and elastic and rotary blades as well as my CD's on the bottom shelf. Many are program discs. the small table on the left I've had for almost 30 years. If you look closely you can see the giveaways piled up there ready to be shipped to the lucky commenters.

The next four pics are of hiding places that I forgot about. I've actually remembered a few more but I'm too tired to take more pictures. These are 5 baskets of sorted by hue commercial fat quarters fabrics I MAY make into something to sell like journals or purses.

These are some bins with rarely used things like paper stuff for card making, acrylic paint (SO OLD) buttons, ribbons, odd tools like riveting tools, yarn, 300 yard spools of thread for my serger, etc. There is one of three grey "totes" with commercial fabric that I spent a fortune on and am unwilling to give away as well as a huge clear plastic bin filled to the top with leather, old quilts, heavy paper, release paper and on the floor a huge ERIC I haven't finished yet. The braided multi-colored ribbon "crown" is one I made to mark my 50th summer solstice which I celebrated on the continental divide near Silverton Colorado. I also wore it when I celebrated the spring equinox on top of the Tur in Glastonbury, England with my son and other old and young hippies.

Stacks of newspapers for batiking, the pink cabinet is full of mostly silk yardage and other whites to dye. A basket of white silk scarves to dye or batik, books, stretched canvases, frames, wool batting, and a "crow" mask I plan to decorate with feathers and wear one day.

This is the IKEA cabinet with my TV (gift from Eric) sitting on it. On the shelves are my modem, router, cable and DVR, Zvox (gifts from Eric) and my Blueray (gift from Eric) can we all say Netflix? Also and almost as important as Netflix are huge pads of massive paper, art DVD's, almost 100 pieces of E-Z-kut and a dozen lino cutting sets (left from that same group that hired me to teach 12 people stamp making then cancelled at the last minute) and hundreds of large flat erasers for cutting stamps.

Anniversary Giveaway day 5

Leave a comment for an opportunity to win this DVD.


  1. Hi, I'm loving you're giveaways and also love Ruth Rae. This would be a great giveaway to win!

  2. Wow, I won another! I don't have any art quilting DVDs so now I'll have 200% more than I did before. Thanks, Beth. My first quilting workshop I ever took was with Carol Taylor, it was a one day class in 2010 and I loved her work but she wasn't a very nice person. Please don't include me in today's drawing, I don't need any more FM quilting designs right now.

  3. I love those pictures! We collect almost everything, don't we? My granddaughter who had a hole in her socks, saved them for me. "I think you can use them?" Ha,ha.

  4. That's the problem with our hobby. We can use everything! Keeping it tidy is much more difficult! But what a wonderful working place you have!
    gr. Marjolijn

  5. I feel so good looking at your studio. Piles of stuff, and you know right where to find everything. But you've got to be a prizewinner in the "I have a bit of everything" contest!

  6. Thanks for continuing the tour around your workroom! It's so interesting to see all your 'stuff'!!

  7. I love the tour of your studio! I dream of that much space to keep everything in... Mine is scattered all over our home since my studio is a "cubicle". I'd love a chance to win one your DVD!

  8. Makes my heart good to see your studio!
    thanks for the great giveaway

  9. Look at all that fun stuff! My studio is packed away in preparation for a move, so having a new DVD to watch would be excellent:)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Would love a chance at your giveaway. Thanks!

    Fun to see your space. When I am tidy it means that is what I am spending my energy on--being tidy!

  11. Hi,
    I'm Carmina from Romania, Europe.
    Thanks you for the tour around your workroom. I like your blog.

  12. Moi qui habite en Suisse, je suis absolument abasourdie de tout le matériel que vous avez:))))

  13. I love your giveaways! What an aboundance.

  14. Thanks for the chance to win. Good to see your space.

  15. Ive just recently been thinking about using cotton muslin for dyeing. Glad to know it works!

  16. Your studio tour is keeping me motivated to get my studio cleaned up. I can't even work down there right now. You are having great giveaways. I'd love to win this DVD!

  17. Hi Beth, I am so happy that you found my blog and I could find yours! What a lot of beautiful and meaningful creations you have made!I am very interested in mixed media and art quilts and should love to get that DVD

  18. And I thought I had a lot of stuff.

  19. What a great giveaway! Thanks for the opp!

  20. This is indeed an impressive workspace! It's fun to see where others create! I find that when things are too neat and pristine in my studio, then I can never find what I need.

  21. Thanks for the studio tour. Our dye group has met at least once per month for over 10 years. We are always doing something fun. Your posts are great and inspiring.

  22. Thanks for the studio tour. Our dye group has met at least once per month for over 10 years. We are always doing something fun. Your posts are great and inspiring.

  23. A very well equipped studio indeed!

  24. Each picture is like a wish come true full of eyecandy, ready for new experiments.
    Shall we change homes for a few weeks?


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