23 October 2012

3rd Anniversary Giveaway Day 3

Winner of the Day 2 giveaway is Laura

And Creating Yardage...

My great friend Judith and I watched an episode on DMTV, online paid subscription workshops, produced by Linda and Laura Kemshall. It was about making a continuous all over print also known as yardage. The Kemshalls asked that we not demonstrate what was on their show since these subscriptions are how they make a living. I can relate. However, I can show you what I made and let you know that subscribing to DMTV is the BEST money I spend each year. I subscribe by the year which is the best value at a little under $100./year. Think how much you spend for one workshop!! Not only are these women talented and famous but produce the most interesting workshops. I think they have a free workshop you can watch.

Anyway, on with the show. Here it is in pictures.

This is some of the blue colorway I made with left overs from Coastal 2

Here is the continuation of the padded printing surface story. You can see the 1" foam covered with a scrap of old cheap bed quilt my parents had (made in China) covered on top with white felt.

This surface is a dream to pin into which is a necessity for printing fabric. Tight, tight, tight.

Some black ProChemical and Dye "Profab" fabric paint on a foam meat tray and a smooth foam roller. It may be smooth and look impervious but it still soaks up loads of paint.

My carved stamp (6" X 6"). This stamp will produce a continuous print. It is called Soft-Kut and is available at Blick. I have adhered it to a 6" X 6" square of 1" Styrofaom. I should have stock in the Corning Company. I used Elmer's Rubber Cement. I love this stuff.

Marking top up is VITAL.

Unlike me you should mark the dead center of your fabric (smile) for the first center print.

Center and to the right


Close up of the junctions of 4 prints

Giveaway Day 3

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  1. Thanks for the giveaway, Beth. I've been considering the DMTV for a while now, maybe with winter coming it's time to sign up and spend some weekends with Linda & Laura.

  2. What fun! I'd love to do some lino cutting/printing!
    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  3. Congrats to Laura! Nice feather stamps.

  4. wow that looks amazing!! I'll have to try it sometime... :)

  5. What a beautiful print. I have seen Laura making something like this. Great way of making stamps. I have missed a lot last month, sorry I didn't visit your blog, but I was in Indonesia! But I am back now.


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