24 October 2012

3rd Anniversary Day 4

Winner of the day 3 giveaway is Marjolijn

And a Studio Tour (part 1)...

I always feel cheated when I see peoples studios and everything is immaculate and put away. First off, the only time my studio is clean is after a project. During a project it looks like a bomb went off. Also in those sterile clean studios, where is all the good stuff? Where is the fabric.? What is on those shelves?

So today you get to see my studio in the midst of four projects all going on at the same time. I also want to issue a disclaimer. I didn't just buy all this stuff. Some of these things I had all my adult life, some for over 10 years so don't think I am bragging about how much stuff I have. I regularly go though the studio for a good clean and organize and give away loads of stuff I don't think I'll ever use again. Then of course next month, I'm back out buying more of what I gave away since NOW I need it!! This was my studio when I reorganized it after closing my jewelry business. It was the last time it was THAT clean and organized.

Now it looks like this.......

My beloved Brother Innovis. The three racks against to wall starting on the right are mixed manufacturer threads. The rack on the left against the wall is Madeira Lana - the entire line - a birthday gift to myself. The Guttermann Threads are from Joanns with a 50% off coupon which is cheaper than buying them individually. The lights are 100 watt CFB, daylight. I have old eyes.

Wall next to my desk with my calendar, necklaces I don't wear and wonderful things that have been given to me. Yes, I LOVE crows and ravens. And yes, that is Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

My Epson Workhorse 1100 wide format printer (dead cheap) my tall rolled things and the step stool since I was in the process of hanging a plant over the window.

 My storage shelves on the only flat wall I have. 

My design wall on wheels . This is how I made it (dead cheap again!!)

This is my original dinning room table which I bought in 1972. I spend most of my time here using natural light. Those are metallic threads, pens, bottles of ink,brushed, watercolors, more bright lights and my waterbox. I also spot some hand dyed threads LR(should put those away).

I took these pics during a rain storm so I had to put on lights. This is a side table next to windows with my barn 2 feet away (no kidding). I have mt sketchbooks, watercolors, pentel colored pencils (a BD gift from husband #2), lots of scissors, and a lightbox for tracing. There are SO many things on this table it would take a hour to list them all (mini-iron, heat gun, rulers and on and on)

This is a great unit from IKEA my brother bought me. It holds all of the fabric I've made (dye and paint), fabric paints, silk, dyed burlap, dyed threads, beads, thermofaxes, organza and tulle and the green shelf to the right holds mostly non art stuff although I see 2 waterboxes, 3 alphabet stamps collections (50% off Joanns) and on the floor is a big bag of scraps I use to made flip and sew blocks for bookcovers and bags

This is the Janome 1100 which has been sentenced to a lifetime of walking footdom. Behind are 10 year old rayon threads on which I got an amazing deal. to the right of them are more metallic threads.

AHH. The desk. I spent countless hours here writing blogs and emailing. This desk was hand painted by my great Uncle Jack for my parents when they were married 69 years ago. My mother gave it to me when they moved to Florida in 1971. On my flat screen monitor are various feathers including the famous stamp feather which still lives there.. I also see my random number selector (brass meditation bowl) and a photo of my dog, Aidan(far left).
Tomorrow I'll show you what's on the shelves and other cool stuff.

Giveaway Day 4

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  1. Thank you for sharing your workroom Beth! I too wonder about the pristine workrooms I often see in blogland! I envy you your space - I work in the corner of a spare bedroom and it's always a mess!

  2. I wish I had a workroom like you!!!!

  3. What a lovely mess. Looks like mine, but yours is larger.

  4. Kit left this comment on another page so I am transferring it here for the drawing
    Kit Lang said...
    Love your studio - and your new banner!

  5. What a wonderful mess! I really love it.
    And thanks, I see I am the lucky one, today!
    gr. Marjolijn

  6. Your studio is nice in that it's all in one spot. Mine is a sewing room (formerly a bedroom) that contains sewing machines, threads, fabrics, rulers, cutters, etc., PLUS the garage that houses all my dyes, dyeing supplies & containers, stamps, work tables, drying racks, paints, mediums, etc. Bolts of fabric have to stay out there in plastic containers because the sewing room is too small. It sure would be nice to have them most of it in one location!

  7. I just love to get a quick look in your studio, thanks so much. Ikea is your best friend, what a great idea for a design wall! Don't let me win :-) I have this Dvd myself and love it too.

  8. I have serious thread envy ;-) My studio is a garden log cabin and the second bedroom, and the lounge and the kitchen and any other space I commandeer :-) I love the space you have and especially the design wall.

  9. It's always enlightening to see people's workspaces.

  10. Ooooo, this just reminds me of how bad my studio is looking these days! I guess I'd better get down there and clean off a few surfaces so I can get ready for a retreat this weekend.

  11. Great studio. Love your design wall. Thanks for the opportunity to win the DVD.

  12. I love your studio. Mine is smaller and a mess. Think I will go do a little cleaning before dinner! Thanks for a chance to win the DVD!

  13. I loved the fact that yours is a truly "working" studio. It is not just for show.

  14. I envy your big space!And the DVD looks interesting!
    Gunilla in Sweden

  15. What a great room!!!! I would love to watch this DVD!


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