13 February 2017

Technique # 9 - acrylic paint resist.

This is one of those techniques that stay "hidden" until the last step. 

I chose this spread just because it was an uninterrupted spread (one continuous sheet as opposed to two separate pages).

I wrote one of my favorite lines from the Wizard of Oz spoken by Glinda the good witch.

Next I poured out some rather "weak" white acrylic paint and my new circle stencil and a sponge dauber and made circles on the pages

Whole spread

Close up of the paint. It became much more transparent when dried.

I flooded the spread with multiple colors of watercolor. This is the "wet" picture.

This is the dry picture. This spread and the woven page are my favorites so far.


  1. Really loving all of your posts, Beth! I'll be sad when February ends!

  2. Yes. I luv it, too. Its a great February!

  3. I love the way you did this and the final result is just gorgeous. Beautiful colours from the dried water paint.

    1. I like the way the acrylic paint both resists the watercolors yet lets it collect and dry in it's surface.

  4. Love this, too.


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