06 February 2017

Technique #4 - self adhesive stamps

First of all and MOST important, my muse Judith came over and we played all day. She made her pages for her book but instead of using these techniques she will be working back into her pages with Zendoodles

I originally bought this template to make stencils but eyeing that self-adhesive foam, I decided to make some stamps as well.

I double up and put one circle on top of the other to really raise the circles off the surface of the foam board backing.

I marked the circles on the foam then cut them out with tiny manicure scissors.

BIG circles

and smaller circles

It's hard to see but there is both pink and orange paint on these stamps

I use both of the sizes of circles on this spread. I "may" even go back and do some more later on.

Love those circles SO MUCH.


  1. Sticky back foam is so easy to use! I still have some stamps I created almost 10 years ago, and I'm getting some ideas for more. I'm creeping back into painting boxes lately, and think I may try some stamps on them... might get to that this week! Bet you two had fun that day!

    1. Oops. I sent a reply as a comment. Check out the blog.

  2. One day with Judith last well over a month for a creativity charge. Every time I see her it is an excellent day. I had SO MUCH FUN doing this book. As a matter of fact I am going to make another book and keep it on hand for a "quick" creativity charge. I may also make another and give it away

  3. LUV sticky back foam. This is such fun!!!

  4. I agree with Elle....this is fun!!!!


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