03 February 2017

Technique #3 Working back into stamps.

This is a crow stamp I made a while ago and one of my favorites.

I used acrylic printing ink on this one because it remains wet longer than acrylic paint

The stamped inked up

This first stamping was too dark to work back into

This lighter stamping was perfect

I use a permanent ink pen to draw in feathers and shadows

Then tried to make a spread with a sun which was already stamped on the paper. I used orange over the stamped sun and yellow in the blank spaces. A few strokes of green watercolor along monoprinted curves finished it off.

Being cheap thrifty I pulled out some scrap paper and printed til I ran out of ink

Three cards to boot!!

You can stamp onto fabric and embellish with stitches and beads


  1. Hi Beth,

    Love this! Where do you get your acrylic printing ink? Thanks!

  2. Yes, it is so good to get lots of prints. Luv the added detail!

  3. I've never tried acrylic printing ink. Loving all your tips.


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