27 February 2017

Technique #19 - blending the pages

This is Pentel Correction Fluid. It's like white-out and it works faster and much better than white India ink or acrylics. It's VERY opaque.

The circles on the right page have very faint purple circles so I extended the circles to the left and completed the circle on the fold. Then I added new dark purple circles.

These pages just had the spirals. When I was painting the quited paper I had some paint left and used it to unify these two sheets 

Again, green spots to try to unify the spread

Two of the circles had faint purple circles so I drew  three more circles and painted faint lavender dots.

The left page had this stamp so I extended the marks to the right page and unified with the tiny lines between arches. I thought about painting the extensions but I really like the hash marks beter than plain boring paint.

The right page had two dark circles so I added a few more plus the squares in permanent ink and filled them with Caron D'Ache water soluble pastels.

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