07 February 2017

Technique #5 - Stencils

I have this "thing" for circles. I like squares too but circles more. I wanted to make a stencil with circles so I found this template on eBay for under $5./free shipping. Then I bought stencil film and a stencil cutter

The stencil cutter was from Martha Stewart and it looked really good with multiple tips. The problem was it wouldn't burn through the stencil film. I had to return it to Amazon. 

I ended up using tiny manicure scissors to cut the stencil and it worked out great. These are manicure scissors that I found cheap and bought quite a few pairs for sewing.

The techniques I used for the stencil was scraped paint. I think I talked about this before. I used a credit card to blend/mix and apply the paint to paper. I have used this technique many time recently and it a favorite of mine.

The exact same effect can be achieved with thickened dyes on fabric.

Do you remember the bacon packaging stencil I made? I can't remember why I was touching bacon packaging since I am vegan but it made a great stencil. It wasn't as robust as the stencil film I had purchased for the circles and paint got under them. Live and learn. I still like the effect I achieved.

After stenciling on the squares I realized it didn't got at all with the page opposite so I stamped on orange circles - problem solved.

Isn't that multicolored paint yummy????


  1. Lovely those big circles!If you combine the stencil with the stamps, you can make shadows!

  2. Yes, yummy! I've been on a stencil making binge too!

    1. I am making more stamps and stencils today (snowed in) and I am also making another 2 books. One is for me and the other will be a giveaway to one of the folks who send in photos of their work plus a set of watercolors.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Cris. I just made more stencils and stamps for the next two books I make.

  4. oooh! I like circles too. You mix paint yummingly!


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