16 February 2017

Technique #12 3D multimedia

I started out painting the blue sky after making a "sun" with an oil pastel. I took a second sheet of the same weight paper and cut a "mountain" shape. I added the lavender streaks in the sky with a really expensive oil pastel that looks and acts like chalk. It's basically pressed pigment. I also used Caron D'ache neocolors (oil pastels), some water soluble oil pastels and more (brown and umber) expensive oil pastels. One of the thing that happened when I wetted the water soluble pastels with a wet brush was that when it touched the chalky pigmented oil pastels they turned to highly pigmented "paint". 

The left side of the page opens revealing more forest

Here you can see the various textures of the differing media. as I applied one it dragged into another combining and spreading the colors

I love this and it is just oil pastel with watercolor over it. It looks like a small flock of birds flying and the lavender soft "clouds" really make the sky dreamlike. I ended up using a spray fixative because the powdery pastels were smearing. That fixative was hairspray.

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