23 February 2017

Technique #17 - Using Negative space

I thought this would be a really interesting experiment. It's an experiment when you have no idea what you are doing. I started out painting the spread black.

You can see the faint pencil lines which I soon lost track of. This was a huge failure

Not that I am trying to shift blame but I think I might have had more success if I had thicker more lightly pigmented paints. Maybe I am kidding myself. I am going to give it another try using pastels on black paper. We'll see how that works....then I give up.


  1. It's trying things that leads us to new discoveries. I wonder if you could have done a monochrome scene this way--all grays and white against the black background.

    1. I would say yes but unless there is a massive amount of color, I'm rarely interested

  2. If you flip it upside down the green looks like leaves, the blue is now at the bottom which seems to ground it.


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