08 February 2017

Technique #6 - Weaving

This is a technique I have used many times and it is one of my favorites

This is a ghost print I made on my "cover paper" - the paper I use to cover my table.

You can see where I cut it out on the upper right. I have also used some leftover paint on my glass palate to add some brighter elements which go well with the facing page.

This is the facing page

Here I have cut the page starting at the fold. If I cut it the other way (horizontally) I would have cut off the entire page. Please note I have a cutting mat under the page.

This is the back of the page. Since this will be seen on both front and back I need to paint the back of my paper to coordinate with the back page.

I used this purple and applied it by scraping with a credit card - fast and easy clean up.

Since there was a lot of black on the back page I decided to stamp it with a stamp I made many years ago from a meat tray glued to some foam board.


I will add a dot of glue to the end papers on both sides of the page which you will see in the last photo.

 I cut the loose piece horizontally then I started to weave.

Front done and a drop of glue was added to those "loose" ends

This is the back of the same page. On this photo you can see those loose ends sticking up. I added a drop of glue to hold the ends down and all the weaving in place.

The full spread

I am very happy with the "B" side as well. The purple with the black stamp blended well.


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