17 February 2017

technique #13 Collage

I had some old patterns and I was going to either throw them out of give them to Goodwill but instead I decided to keep it for collage material. I used matte medium on the pattern paper.

On the next layer I decided to use Elmer's and water 50/50. It turned out to be easier to use and even more effective on these thin papers. The paper I used I made years ago as part of a DMTV program. They were all done on thin semi-transparent paper which were perfect for this spread.

These are a few of the many papers I have been holding on to for years. Finally a chance to use them.

Next was a feather stamp that I hand carved years ago (see tutorial on carving stamps)

I added this grid graphic

and a last bit of paper on the bottom right. The project is dried and done.


  1. Oh. Oh. Where are all my old patterns. You have started with a great technique and added great effects to it. Well done! 👍

  2. I loved the look of the pattern pieces even before all the lovely papers were added.

    1. I had these old patterns that I was going to give to Goodwin but I saved them just for this. Boy was that fun!!!

  3. I have a collection of old papers/tissues. This is a great way to use them.


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