12 February 2017

more pages

I first started out with buildings only on the right

Then I added the left then added color

I iked the idea of overlapping circles

So I took the three from the page and added three more using the overlapping areas to add interest.

I covered the page with blots of color from my watercolor palate that I was wiping off. Added some interest to the white page. Then I added some stamps.

Another of my raven stamps with added color

I revisited this page, outlined the leaf stamp, added lines and circle then had the circles fall off the page.

This originally had some purple splotches from the end of an eraser. I added more color with watercolors and a brush tip.

My octopus got eyes and some contouring on his face and the underside of another octopus' leg.


  1. I'm still stuck on the raven stamp.....it's gorgeous.


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