10 February 2015

What I did yesterday

Sit down. This may take a while. I write my blog posts about a month in advance so when I showed the playdate with Judith and there was barely any snow, I received some curious comments. We have well over 90 " of snow in the last 2 weeks and the storms just keep coming.

So this is what I did on Monday Feb 9th. I started out before 6am doing these small watercolors. three were on index card and the other was a saying I had printed out on nice paper.

Then I started going through my stuff looking for fabric that would be my "pallet" in the series I am working on as well as looking for fabric to make pencil cases and cup holders. I am starting up my online store in the spring and I need merchandise to sell.

I found these fabrics from the FIRE blogs round robin. Thank you Tie Dye Judy for that great month. I needed to sandwich them up in anticipation of quilting them.

Recognize this from my pencil case? Now the remainder is quilted and awaiting a useful incarnation as a cup cuff or pencil case. 

I also found these VERY INTENSE pieces I made about 3 years ago. I wanted to knock back some of the color and keep with my circle motif.

Jacquard discharge paste. It was taking forever to dry so in Beth style, I ironed the one dry spot because I was so impatient.

Before washing above and after below. Yes, a lot of the "whiteness" from the paste washed away.

You know how when you do a deconstructed screen or any screen printing , you invariably end up with a good chunk of white cloth on the ends like leftovers. I cut them off and I saved them. Today with all the snow, I thought I would snow dye them. These are definitely the best snow dyes I've done in years and on tiny bits! Isn't that always the way?


Soaking in soda ash. I ended up having to trow away the half gallon of soda ash because something bled into it (ugh)

Awaiting the deluge

The deluge

Dye in place

These are the insulated gloves I talk about. You can stay in ice for a long time with these puppies.

Rotting snow

The usual suspects: intense blue, turquoise, chartreuse, bordeaux (ProChem), cotton black, emerald green (ProChem) and boysenberry.

One side with previous dye lines above and the other side below.

Monoprint from this month's FIRE blog. Other side below.

This piece of linen is so luscious I could eat it!

Either this was directly under some green or it was not a plant based fiber.

And it's only 2:10pm!!!


  1. I am drooling. Almost (not quite!) wishing it would snow again!

  2. Great job! BTW, no worries on the soda ash if it gets tinged from dyes - I have that all the time, since I do multiple dye layers, and never have a problem with back-dyeing. Glad you are making use of that nice snow, and your pieces are gorgeous!

  3. Snowing here but I've no time to do this at the moment. Great stuff though!


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