20 February 2015

Going from paper to cloth

This is a piece of tracing paper with a few f my handmade stamps on it. I wanted to make some stamps to use on organza as an overlay on a new piece I am working on.

Hot glue gun on a wooden block

Two layers of hot glue on foam core board

I always try my stamps first with a stamp pad but all three of mine were almost dry. I finally pitched them and ordered two new ones.

Two layers of hot glue on the X and O as well.

I really like these

Here they are with paint. The circles on foam core board were pretty anemic so I tossed it. I like the X and O stamps in paint.

Trying out a new substrate to monoprint with. This is acetate on a roll. It is pretty heavy weight and I think it will work well.

Circle in black. I like the texture.


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