23 February 2015

Another doll with copper hair.

This is a head with copper hair that I made about 6 years ago. I stuck it on a chop stick and it just lived in my cup of pens. Then I made those white heads and thought I might do something with this one as well. I made an air-dry clay "vest" to attach arms. How to dress her was a real challenge.

I had been making cloth beads and decided to make a bead to wrap around her neck directly on the chop stick.

Next conundrum...how to make "sleeves". I decided to poke a hole in her "coat, stick the arms with cloth beads slipped on through the holes and right into the vest of clay. I used Elmer's to get the sticks to stay in the holes in the clay. I also used a piece of wool batting to make a body to fill out the coat.

Her she is with her sleeves and coat in place. I am calling her the Sorceress 

Back of her coat with couched silk sari yarn, beads and the "rope" stitched over.

On her wooden stand


  1. Love it! The sorceress even has a warm coat to survive the cold and snow you have been getting...( Us too!)

  2. LOVE the Sorceress! Any idea what her magical powers are?!

  3. I'm hoping it is NOT making snow!!

  4. No snow but we are COLD. Tell her to think spring!!! :)

  5. Beth, I like this doll almost as much as I like the quilt on your bed!!! She's a temptress!

  6. So wonderful to see these beauties! The Sorceress should be able to conjure up some warmth and light.

  7. So alive, so magical!!!!!!!!!!!! Love!!!!

  8. Another beautiful doll. I love the wired hair ;-)


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