06 February 2015

Another play date with Judith

Judith came over today to work on a project for her month so I can't show picture but while she was here we "tried" to do some snow dyeing. The problem? We had two days of rain followed by 45 degree warmth.

We did manage to scoop up some snow from this tiny pile though.

Too many colors gave me brown - ugh!!

BORING!! We are expecting more snow over the weekend and I want a really nice chartreuse and turquoise piece. Let's see if wishing will make it so (smile).


  1. I have waited for snow too this winter, it falls then melts. At least you got lovely marks on your fabric and everyone needs some brown in their collection :)

  2. Is all that snow now GONE! Man, we'd have had it till May!

  3. I think the colours are great. I'm sure that I read somewhere recently that turquoise is the least successful colour to use in snow dyeing - or did I dream that??

  4. Wow! That melted really fast... would have thought it would be there for months!


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