25 February 2015

this and that

Here are things you might be interested in. None of them are big enough subjects to create a post. This is a very cool book I just bought "used" for 37 cents plus 3.99 postage. Great ideas and altering books is really fun. Unfortunately now I am so busy I really don't have time but soon...
I walk five miles a day with my new dog, Owen. I kept passing the fork in the road - no pun intended but interestingly enough it was in a fork in the road. It had been driven over so many times, it was a flat as a pancake. Finally, I realized it was waiting for me to bring it home.

This is one of those "vases" that flowers come in. What do you do with them. I feel guilty throwing them away and recycling won't take them. I decided to start sticking those annoying stickers from fruits and vegetables on plus any other stickers I came across. When it was covered I gave it 3 coats of water-based poly then used it for flowers. 

This is the newest vase which is close to being completed.

This is 6 yards of fabric I wanted to dye olive. It came out brown much to my horror. Then I over-dyed it with intense blue - a save!

Ironed and folded!

These are some cloth beads I made. One of my friends liked them - and she really loves color - so I gave them to her.

Here are new ones I made today. I'll tart them up tonight while I watch an old Columbo episode on Netflix.

Now those are all gone. I used them on pencil cases for my new online store which isn't open yet. Here are the replacements.

Above are waiting for their wraps. The ones below are the only ones I have wrapped and ready to go.

I am still making things. Here is a preview of two of the pencil cases.


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  1. What a fun post! Love the beads. So, what does that significant smooshed book look like? And Columbo, huh? Thanks for the idea - man, it's cold here!

  2. A great selection. I am amazed that you got such a bright green with the fabric. Do you get free vases with your flowers over there?

  3. You had better make more pencil cases, because I want them both! Consider them sold!

  4. Great post and great ideas!

  5. Great way to upcycling and lovely beads!

  6. Great way to upcycling and lovely beads!

  7. Seeing the ones you gave (me) here was like seeing good friends! I've come to know each one and I do love them! Too funny about the fork! To me, the knitting needles with the beads look like the elements of a sculpture, like I could see them somehow standing up, creating tall bead grasses or something...Five miles: Wow! Lucky dog, that Owen!


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