10 February 2015

Laura Kemshall's "Finish Me" journal/sketchbooks

Laura made some journals or sketchbooks and challenged folks to work a long with her. I bought one then thought better about it and bought a second!

Here is all the info in case you want to get in on the fun. Here is the beginning of the whole enterprise. You can read the newer posts as she walks you though the process.

Here are my two books.

Each sketchbook was tied with a black satin ribbon with two cards attached. I glued in a tiny envelope to slide the cards in for safe keeping. I retied the ribbon to use as a bookmark.

Paint with plastic cling film on the wet paint. Nice effect.

The second book I half hitched the ribbon on the coil spine and hitched the two cards on to dangle as a bookmark. I colored in the spider and designed my "ex libris" page. Can you read the tiny writing?

Then I couldn't help myself and jumped in....

One of my favorite clocks broke so I pulled the guts out and made it into a bit of a  3-D Sculpture. I used the now discarded face and hands to make a page. It isn't finished yet but here it is so far.

The pokey part attaching the hands went through to the other side of the page and it looked just like an eye

So I turned it into a lizard.

These are two sides of one page

Opposite page

These were drips 

And the blots on the opposing page. Then I added small deconstructed silk screening squares and drew a frame around each.


  1. So fascinating. Are these pages from the same book or are you working in both at once?

  2. Great to see your work in this book. Looks a real challenge. And I bet you are an enthusiastic member of DMTV. Me too!

  3. What a classy journal! Looks like fun!


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