18 February 2015

Another giveaway!!!

This time it is one of my quilts. I painted this image on paper with disperse dyes and ironed it on to polyester fabric. Disperse dyes will turn to a colored gas when heated with an iron and become impregnated in the fibers of synthetic materials. You can make many prints with one sheet of paper but they will get faint over multiple uses.

On this piece, I painted the crow then heavily machine quilted it. I made another with hand quilting then donated it to the SAQA auction many years ago. It also had wavy edges and I hand stitched it to a backing fabric. The same could be done with this one.

The 8 with the line through it is my signature.


  1. This is stunning Beth - you know I love your birds!!
    I haven't tried disperse dyeing!

  2. cool quilt and very cool signature. I luv the edges!

  3. This is so beautiful, what a cool technique and your quilting is awesome!

  4. You are so creative! This quilt is beautiful.

  5. I love this piece! It turned out simply gorgeous!


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