13 February 2015

A thickened dye experiemnt

Pre-treated cotton.

I rarely NEED pre-treated cotton since most of my dye work is wet. This was the perfect occasion for nice dry pre-treated cotton. I wanted the thickened dye to "stick" to the spot I put it and not wick like it might on wet cotton.

I used both grey and black (MX Cotton Black 602a). I made the grey with a scant plastic knife tip of MX 602a and about 2/3C of print paste. The black was also 2/3 cup of print paste with a level tablespoon (dark) of MX602a. Below you can see I hadn't blended the MX powder well with the print paste. Colors are splitting out. Hopefully it won't be distracting.

I LOVE this grey and will do more with it later. I only applied the dye to one side of the fabric, crumpling it and doing a small amount of smearing. I want CRISP lines.

I covered it with plastic and let it batch under heated rice bags.

I absolutely LOVE the outcome. It was just what I was going for.

Front above, back below

Front above and back below. Either side is a winner.


  1. Nice! Bet you're not done with this yet... what's next?

  2. Judith is coming over tomorrow before the blizzard and this and many other pieces of fabric will go under the "thickened dye" gun. Judith is bringing her jammies just in case. So glad I have a nice snog apartment for friend to stay!! So stay tuned!!

  3. Great result, Beth, very natural pattern!


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