16 February 2015

Experiments from a dream

Sunday is the only day I can sleep past 4:30 , yes, a.m. My new puppy of course woke me up to go out and I was determined to get back in bed and sleep til 6 - a real treat!! When I finally did fall asleep, I had this dream where I was doing some surface design experiments. One was to write on the fabric, one was the use of DNA strands as a design element and the other was to try to see if I could get oil based crayons to shed paint on cloth like it does on paper.

This is one of the notes I put in my sketchbook immediately after throwing back the blanket. It is Dye-Na-Flo paint over olive green oil pastel.

My camera will not focus on white (go figure) so I had to put a small paper box Marcella made me on the paper. This is freezer paper with a small square of white cotton ironed on so I could mark on it.

Markel paint sticks. Laura Kemshall once said, don't save these for some special occasion because they will dry out over time. Even in the plastic bag these are hardening after about 4 years.

Markel on the left and an oil pastel on the right

With Dye-Na-Flow wet (above) and dry (below). I will heat set both after 3 days 

Experiments till to come are getting a rollon deodorant from the dollar store,cleaning it out and adding paint to see if I can write with a rollon and making a thermofax screen with DNA. Don't you love dreaming?

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  1. Fun that you dreamed up some new things to try! Where do you get your thermofax screens made?


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