03 February 2015

Snow Update

In the last 10 dyas we have had 43.9" of snow. We are having another storm as I write with 12-20" expected. OK, we are Mainers but enough is enough. Wind chill expected to be -20. We know what my friends say? Six weeks til Spring.

My 15 ft high crab apple

The snow surrounding the truck is from last night and yes, that is a 6 ft fence

Side door. Snow almost to the light.

That HUGE peak is in front of my garage doors.


  1. That explains why we haven't had much snow here... you're hogging it all! Hope you have plenty of supplies to see you through. This looks like a real old-fashioned east coast winter, although I have also seen pix in past years like that... in North Dakota. Gotta be hardy to live in those parts! Stay warm...


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