26 February 2015

Insulated Rubber Gloves!!!

One of the commenters, emailed me and asked where to get insulated rubber gloves like the ones I use for snow dyes and washing out fabric in ice water. I looked at the place I bought them but it was years ago and they don't have them anymore. Then I remembered I live on the ocean in COLD water so I went to my local marine supply store and I found many. These were the best for the least. 

Large above   Medium below

They are fleece lined and the fingers and palms are slightly textured for a good drip. The Medium size gloves would be good for small to medium hands; the Large gloves for larger women's hands. I have larger hands and I like the large because they give me a bit of room to flex. The medium also fit me tightly with not as much "give" when flexing. I could live with either size but I like the large ones better. The best part is they are only $9.95. I bought a few pairs and will have them in my online retail store when it "opens" the end of March. If you are interested in buying any now, email me or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

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  1. The gloves are also useful for discharging with Thiox or bleach. They really protect your hands and are less likely to get a hole than the usual kitchen glove type.


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