27 February 2015


One of the people who commented on a blog post gave me an idea for this post. Some people don't realize that I have 21 tutorials on many subjects. The tabs for these tutorials are just above, under my header.

Some are old and a few were done in 2015 like Snow Dyeing and Making a Permanent Gelli Plate. Take a walk through the tutorials and get some ideas for a project or surface design technique!!

  • Deconstructed screen printing
  • QAYG
  • Make a Stamp from a Photo
  • Simple Batik Tutorial
  • Unique Batik Tutorial
  • Best EVER book covers
  • Tray Dyeing Tutorial
  • Dyeing embroidery thread
  • Framing - 3 ways
  • The Art Greenhouse
  • MidCoast Surface Design Workshops
  • Paste Paper
  • Rice Bags
  • All About Thermofax Screens
  • What is a thermofax screen and how do I use it?
  • Making your own sketchbooks two ways
  • Travel Sketchbook with Removable Signatures
  • Making screens for silk screening - 2 ways
  • Avery Note Tab Stencil
  • Make your own permanent Gelli plate
  • How to snow dye


  1. wow, surely you are the top talulah of tutorials. :) Thanks for being so generous with your tests and trials

  2. Love those tutorials...Talk about diverse and varied ways to make art!

  3. You would think they'd be obvious, right there under your header, hey? Ha! Sometimes a gal just needs a shove in the right direction. Thanks! :-)

  4. Beth, I can't see the tutorials, I can't open them, I see only the list...


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