02 July 2014

Pastepaper fun with friends

Tuesday amidst the barn destruction, Marcella and my neighbor Grace came over for some paste paper fun. I have just introduced Grace to bookmaking which I think Marcella taught me and now there is a need for paste paper for book covers. We all had a great time. PLUS since I am always looking for a new victim recipient for a book, I knew I needed more supplies. I finally ferrited out a recipient - Judith's granddaughter, Abby. She and her mother Ellen are coming to New Hampshire from Ohio to visit relatives and will make a brief visit here for a playdate!! Since Abby is a Princess of sorts, I will make her book using the "Royal" purple paper.

I did this with a hand made tool Marcella's brother created which he named a "chrysanthemum". I should have taken a picture of it! 

A replacement for the sheet Grace used last week.

Squiggles with water soluble pastels

This was done then I thought why not lay a sheet of plain white wet paper on top and try to make a giant smack?

Not quite as successful as I thought it might be but it does have possibilities.

Grace used the smacker moving it from one color to another creating a really fabulous textured look so I stole her idea myself. Isn't it fab?

Abby's paper


  1. Some of the playing that I've been doing with paint, posted on my blog, is a directly inspired by the processes you share here...so a big thanks, un grand merci! Looking forward to my July workshop with you all, Making Marks.

  2. I am not familiar with paste paper at all so I'll be back to look back at your tab! :)

  3. Paste paper is new to me, as well. I just took a look at your tutorial and I've added another technique "to try" to my list. I'm really interested in bookmaking and your blog is a wealth of information. Thank You!


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