30 June 2014

Plans for new work

Although this is an older picture of my two grandsons, I love the smiles, true sense of brotherly love and mischief all at once. I decided to do a fabric portrait of the boys ages 2 and 4 for my son and daughter-in-law who live in Malta. I will be visiting them this fall along with the wonderful women I have met through the blog from the Netherlands.

I am using either this posterized photo

Or this cut-out photo

 Later in the week I will go into the pattern making process.

And now for something just silly!! When my hair started to grow back in after chemo very curly, I new it reminded me of someone/something?????

Betsey Wetsy 1954

Beth Berman 1948


  1. Is she your Betsey Wetsy from the past? Cool how you made that connection though your hair is definitely much prettier!) The grandsons project sounds cool, I like how you have it so clearly visualized...

  2. You and Betsy even have the same big, blue eyes. I
    agree with the previous comment, that your hair is much prettier. I can't wait to see how your grandson's piece, comes together.


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