07 July 2014

The Stamp Making workshop

This workshop was so much fun. One of the particpants had moved into a new house the day before but didn't want to miss the workshop. The other participant was a woman I met through the blog who came for three days with her husband and stayed in the empty apartment. Both women were loads of fun and really game to try anything. I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted and I am hoping to get pictures of Patty's stamp after she settles in her new home!

Here are some of the stamps:

Great abstract stamps made by incising a foam tray or foam core board with the paper off one side.

Foam stamps and cardboard.

Guess who made this (hint - crows)

More foam stamps

These were made with sticky back foam mounted on foam core board and above the cup is a hot glue squiggle stamp.

Test with ink. We also made string stamps on wood and some great cardboard stamps. I gave each person that thin compressed sponge and a roller to make a rolling stamps. They took them home to make the next day!!

and speaking of stamps as in stamping leaves, the Ginkgo is in full leaf if anyone wants a few. Just left me know. 


  1. Would love some Ginko leaves! Will they survive mailing? Must remember to buy glycerin!

  2. WOW! Really cool stuff!

  3. Love love love the crow stamp!

  4. I would love some Ginkgo leaves! Please, pretty please? :)


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