21 July 2014

Playdate with Judith AND FAMILY

Yes. Judith's daughter and grand daughter were visiting from Ohio and were able to come over for a day of play!!!

We made batik scarves and did some acid dyeing. We started with silk haboti scarves (72") and batiked with soy wax. We used Dye-Na-Flow paint thinned a bit with water for our colors.

Fun in the Art Greenhouse

Here are the cotton pieces Ellen and Abby made

Judith was batiking some cotton as a third or fourth layer

Getting ready to acid dye (overdye) a batiked scarf. Vinegar, water to add dye to and a microwavable dish.

Dye added to dish and covered with plastic wrap.

Nine or so holes punched in the film to release steam.

Beautiful colors

This looked like a fun thing to try. I hope to get a photo of the finished scarf from Ellen who I gave it to after forgetting to photograph it (sigh)

When I acid dyed a scarf for myself which I already gave away

Get ready!!

As they say in Maine "A good time was had by all"

Happy artists

The end of a perfect day. So happy to have Ellen and Abby visiting!!


  1. What fun! These are so pretty!

  2. What fun you all had!
    I wish I lived nearer !!

  3. What great energy! So wonderful to see everyone being creative.

  4. So much fun, such beauty!! That must be the little studio house? A little haven you've created there.

  5. PS. Sorry, I just read that it is Indeed the Art Greenhouse. I can't wait to visit it some time!

  6. What a wonderful way to spend a day.


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