23 July 2014

A bunch of stuff

Judith blogged about the playdate with her daughter Ellen and grand daughter Abby here. As a matter of fact I am expecting her today and we will play with thickened dyes -  I'm sure I'll show you.

This is Laura who came for three days of fun. You've already seen the results. We are having lunch courtesy of her husband Dominic.

A beautiful hand painted stone necklace from Laura. How did she know I love rocks??

A 4 X 6", 12 X 12" and 12 X 18" piece of soft-kut from Blicks. I am going to make three huge stamps (probably with crows) so stay tuned for that!! The rotary cutter is to lend proportion.

Had to wait an hour in Bangor so I went to Walmart to kill time. I got great curved needles for sewing coptic bindings, two kinds of fabric glue, an X-acto cutting mat extra thick since an X-acto knife will cut right through a rotary cutting mat and 2 yards of 100% polyester satin for transfer dyeing like the two pieces below.

Give-away. These are so-so books. I thought the animal one would be better and I don't do tradition Baltimore Album quilts. I think I got the Baltimore book free????  Anyone interested leave a comment and which book you are interested in.

Root Beer label I really loved. Look at the graphics of the boy in the boat. YUM!
Made in Maine!!

This is a sideways picture of a prayer flag Judith made me. I LOVED this fabric she made at my house. The stitching means "for Beth". The figure 8 with the line through it is my "mark" or signature: back to back Bs. Thank you Judith!!


  1. I love your crows Beth!
    Have a great day with Judith

  2. Great crow! Sounds like you're getting into the carving thing. If so, you may want to try enasco.com for their Safety Kut. It's a better buy but more important, it carves better. The gauge doesn't stick in the carving material.

  3. The stone necklace that Laura made is gorgeous. I'm interested in finding out what bit she used to drill through the stone. I can't imagine that was an easy task. Your crows simply amaze me. You've managed to capture the beauty of flight in such a natural way. I'm also admiring all the hand stitching Judith did, to make your prayer flag. It's beautiful. I enjoy traditional quilting and I do like the Baltimore quilt. I've not seen one done like that, before.


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