10 July 2014

First Easy Piece

I decided to do one piece at a time instead of doing various techniques on all of them at the same time. Here is piece number one. Kind of a shiny piece.

The first thing I did was to make some painted fusible sheets. These are great to add to a piece. I learned how to do this on DMTV, Design Matters TV. This is a pay show on the internet developed by Linda and Laura Kemshall. I have been a member for 5 years. Here is a free show demonstrating how and why to make painted fusible sheets. It's the third show down.

The various fusible products act differently. Steam-a-Seam comes out with little dots which I don't care for.

I got tired painting water on the sheets and just dumped them in the sink with the water running.

The paper will curl into a tube so I had to use rocks to hold the paper flat.

I also found some old papers

I ended up not using them in piece #1.

I used my favorite sponge to make squares in purple ProFab paint (ProChemical and Dye)

At the top is a hot glue "stamp" I made. It's just sitting there waiting its turn

ProBrite Rust colored fabric paint. I'm going shiny!!

This is a jar of Neutral Probite Paint - crushed mica in a neutral base

Foil Adhesive rolled on to the fabric as a last layer with one of my favorite roller stamps. As soon as it dries, I will apply the foil.

It looks much better and much blingier in person.


  1. Another colorful happy experience!

  2. I'm a big fan of the Kemshalls. Kim Thittichai also does a painted fusible technique. I love the results you got, especially with the hot glue stamp and the foiling. I'll be checking out DesignMatters TV. Thanks for the link.


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