28 July 2014

What am I going to do with all this fabric????

The first thing I had to do after a WEEK in the chaos of paints, dyes, thermofax screens and stamps was CLEAN UP!! I can't stand chaos and it was only the excitement of creating those 5 pieces that saw me though the mess!! But now...

About five or six years ago I "painted my first piece of fabric. I used lots of techniques similar to the past self round robin that I just finished. I used some of the painted fabric to cover a small (4 X 6") lined notebook that I carried in my purse. It got so much abuse in my purse that the beaded edge came of in a small area. In addition to the surface design techniques I used on it, I also attached a small Shisha mirror. The embroidery technique was very complicated and I could never remember how it worked. I found a fabulous and EASY method for attaching shisha mirrors.

Here is my little book

You'll recognize some of these stamps. You can see the reflection of my finger in the mirror.

I also made a pencil case which I have put on my blog at least once or twice. I love it and the little fabric beads with glass beads on them!!

Next is a short story. When I was a kid, my grandmother used to buy me the "Doll of the Year" every birthday/christmas - within a week of each other. So this one year I wanted a doll called Poor Pitiful Pearl. She came with a dark dress, black socks and shoes and a babushka.

She was SAD

She also came with a pretty white party dress, white shoe and socks and YOU could save poor pitiful Pearl and bring her joy!! I loved that doll but my mother hated it and threw it away. As an adult, I bought another one.

Pearl and me!

So and this is where the story is taking us, I bought two of the ugliest to-go coffee cups that were the best at keeping coffee hot and NOT SPILLING even if turned upside down EVER.  Solution: I made pretty dresses for my poor pitiful coffee cups.

 Over the course of time the binding which I made with used color catchers wore out. This material which is like a spun polyester was made to absorb dye during a wash load NOT last for years with daily use.

Opened up and waiting for new bindings

These two will get new bindings and return to active duty, dressing up my pathetic coffee cup!

This one still looks OK. The fabric was a clean-up rag. Always the best looking fabric (sigh)

Now I have loads of new fabrics to make new dresses from. I will wait until after the giveaway to make the new frocks. But just to give you a few ideas about what you can do with this fabric:

  1. coffee cup dress
  2. book cover
  3. small purse - I'm making one tomorrow
  4. make-up bag
  5. pin cushion
and I'll leave you to your own imagination!!


  1. I love the feathers on your coffee cup dresses Beth ! and why is it that the clean up rags are always so beautiful??

  2. Your Pitiful Pearl story went straight to my heart. I wouldn't have been able to resist a doll with "pitiful" in the name. I'm glad you got another one. Thanks for all the great ideas. I like to make bookmarks. I'm due to make a batch so I'll make sure to send a pitiful one to Maine.

  3. You & Pitiful Pearl look great together! I too was touched by your story & could feel how special she was. Love love love the coffee cup dresses & your fabric explorations! Love your grandmother's tradition.
    Do you know the Topsham fabric artist Nasha Kempers-Cullen? She's no longer at Markings Gallery in Bath, looked for her work there the other day...but here's a little link:
    I have one of her book covers, will show you...


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