15 July 2014

Here we go round in circles

You never know when you are being guided by your Muse or are trying to find your way out of a corner that you painted yourself into. This next challenge was one of those times.

I started with this piece of white cotton, sprayed the heck out of it with water then dribbled drops of Dye-Na-Flow on to it. It was making all these great veins but when it dried it was much more blurry.

You can see the difference in the picture below. It was still nice but the veining was no longer there.

Second step was to stamp pearlized white acrylic craft paint on with a round sponge dauber. I couldn't resist making one "circle" with a maple leaf stencil then stamp my signature crow on the lower left.

While the paint in step one was wet, I picked up some colors with my fingers and flicked it here. Note to self, "Do this again".

This was my first thermofax screen which I call "small circle". Clever aren't I?

I used a glimmer olive paint.

Next I used the "large circle" thermofax with purple paint

Then I found this cool foam "donut" and I pounced some paint on the fabric. I opted for the "sea mist" and not the "Champagne". Both were Pro-Brites with crushed mica.

I tried every known (by me) means of trying to splash dots of paint on the fabric even a toothbrush but to no avail  so I stuck my finger in the paint and made fingerprint dots. Also a Pro-Brite color.



Another detail

Instead of washing all the paint off my tools, I printed the paint off into my sketchbook. The green globs came off the last toothbrush I tried.

More "Sketchbook clean-up"


  1. I just love the circles, nice composition.

  2. Well, either way, Muse or finding your way out of a corner (pne & the same?), you were led through a wildy creative process. Love the layering over the colors...

  3. I vote for your Muse. I think she led you on a wild and fun ride. I really like the foam donut. It's a cool effect.


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