08 July 2014

The Sunday Workshop

Sunday was a fun day. We started out painting Transperse Dyes onto paper. We looked at Linda Kemshalls book Color Moves: Transfer Paints on Fabric. Neither of us had polyester fabric so she took the painted sheets home with her to experiment later. These are two pieces I did with transfer paint (Transperse dyes).

These were painted onto the paper then transferred by ironing turning the paint on the paper into a gas which attached to the polyester. Nope, won't work on anything but polyester. This was polyester satin.

I think she is going to cut the paper into shapes and make an abstract piece.

Then we did some batik with fabric paint on silk scarves.

This was a scarf I had done by just smearing some left over thickened dye onto a silk scarf - ugly. I thought why not use some hot wax and overdye.

Very nice

Laura's in process. Love the baked potato mark.

The third color was dark blue and it just didn't show up and it was kind of disappointing so we......

Popped it in the microwave for 10 minutes with a pale turquoise acid dye - AMAZINGLY beautiful. I couldn't take my eyes off the green/turquoise combo!!

This was a silk scarf that Laura brought which hadn't been as successful as she had hoped so she used the rope stamp and olive green fabric paint - really lovely

Next we batiked some cotton. I had a piece of truly horrible yellow fabric - a full yard that I tore in half. Laura did hers turquoise and I did mine fuchsia.

You can see how amazing that green and turquoise scarf is in the evening light.

It was a great weekend with wonderful company!! Thanks for coming Laura and Patty!!

And here is Patty's stamp from a photo. The photo below 

The carved stamp below

And the stamped image on paper

Isn't that fantastic? Great job Patty!!


  1. Fabulous! I love your scarves... beautifully transformed with your stamps and overdyes! And the cat stamp is amazing... sounds like a very successful class!

  2. Fantastic, yes...so rich, these explorations. What a fulfilling day for you all! (Can't wait for my workshop!)

  3. Those are absolutely amazing results. I love the potato stamp and the bird. The cat stamp turned out great, she must be happy with it.


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