18 July 2014

Making lemonade out of lemons

I was digging through my fabrics looking for something appropriate for the Round Robin on the FIRE blog when I found in a pile of "done" fabric these two very unsuccessful pieces (the lemons).

Ordinarily I would just toss them into a pile but they were yardage and I hated to waste so much fabric. They were both well over a yard each - maybe two so my experimental gene came out to play.

It think this is the very first deconstructed silks screen I ever attempted. Really awful!! The colors are so pale and there is really no character to them. MUST FIX!

This was not so much a failure as blah. The process I used was Jane Dunnewolds Interfacing Stencils. She used to have the directions on her website under tutorials but it has disappeared. Fortunately I cut and pasted it into a PDF if anyone is interested (don't forget your email address).

In this technique you make a stencil with interfacing using both open cuts so the dye can get through as well as latex paint as a resist. The images for the most part came out OK but there was some bleeding on to the white and I sure would like to make something out of it so.....

Three stencils used

I did get this far

Basic blue with a squirt of turquoise


  1. As ever Beth the birds are my favourite!!
    I'd love a copy of the JD pdf please - would love to try this!

  2. Great fix. I never heard of an interfaced stencil so yes, please-

  3. love the crows..I would like the pdf instructions too:
    gellifun at yahoo.com

  4. I love love love your birds...especially their forms. Would love the JD PDF also...but if it is the same as the article covering this stencil technique in Quilting Arts...then I have it already.

    dottididit at gmail dot com

  5. I would love to get the PDF>looks like a great technique.
    I also love love love the birds. This was a great fix!

  6. Jody, I need your email address to send the PDF.

  7. Oops, sorry...jlund66@gmail.com

    Going to be working on some discharge with some stencils, wondering if this technique will work for that.

  8. Another beautiful save. Those bird stencils are amazing. I'd love to have a copy of Jane's (your)PDF.

  9. Another one for the PDF please! And I love this piece of fabric. I don't suppose you'd consider selling it to me...?


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