30 July 2014

First Strike experiment

The phenomenon of first strike has always fascinated me. For me the first color to strike the fiber "takes" even if you put other colors over it (not soaking). I "use" this  phenomenon when I make my free style fabric with thickened dye and a credit card. Here is an example.

All of these colors were applied then had another color scrapped over it with a credit card but look at how "intact" each color is. First Strike!

Judith wanted some of my embroidery threads to give to her daughter for her birthday. I wound up 30 skeins and put them downstairs. Then I thought, "Hum, I wonder what would happen if..." and so started the experiment.

Nineteen skeins of mercerized cotton embroidery thread (like Aunt Lydia's crochet yarn size 10)

Wetted with just enough water to make them damp.

Color added

Below with soda ash added

Washed out by hand

In four lingerie bags for machine washing with color catchers and hot water

Out of the bags

As an experiment, it was pretty good. Each section stayed pretty much the starting color except the yellow which never stands a chance when red and blue are around! Dried. They went home with Judith


  1. Ooooh... these look so nice!

  2. Beautiful! I only recently started dyeing my floss to get variegated color, and love a) how easy it is, and b) how beautifully they turn out!

  3. Lovely rich colours - I could certainly find something to do with these!!

  4. OOoooooo, they make my heart beat fast! Because of one of these that you showed me, I went to the knit shop to get multi colored yarn & needles. (I have no idea how to knit, hahaha) Did I miss HOW you added the color?
    First strike is pretty awesome too...

  5. Wow they turned out beautifully well and the colour combinations look terrific.

  6. And they look even better in person! My daughter and I thank you!

  7. I was not familiar with first strike so I found it fascinating. The embroidery thread results are gorgeous. Which dye did you use for colour?


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