01 August 2014

Interesting deconstructed screen printing boo boos

* Judith did a great post on here work here

I was doing some deconstructed screen printing with Judith during our latest play date. When I took my screens downstairs from my studio and started to set them up, I noticed that one was already set up from the last time I used them maybe 2 years ago?? I thought that might be interesting.

This is what is looked like wet. Pretty nice!

Washed and dried. This is my assumption. The dye molecules exhausted perhaps with time, perhaps with humidity but they fled to be sure!!

Another thing that happened is something I always dreaded. I buy white cotton by the 50 yard bolt. Sometimes I pre-wash it and sometimes I don't. I had a pile of white fabric in the kitchen from the day I set up the screens a few days before. One of the pieces was a huge white cotton curtain. Or was it? This is why I never (until today) ever used fabric whose fiber content I didn't know. Yep, you guessed it. It was a poly cotton blend.

This is just ONE of the screens I pulled on that curtain. What a waste of time and materials. Lesson learned.


 washed and dried

All was not lost though. This was done on my bolt cotton.


  1. Bummer about the first one, and I hate when cotton/poly masquerades as cotton! Number 3 is awesome, and I'm looking forward to seeing more experiments!

  2. IO would never have thought that dye would just disappear like that. You`re right, all was not lost. The cotton bolt is stunning.


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