19 February 2013

Windy Playdate with Judith

More 50 mph winds today (sigh) but Judith braved the snow drifts in the road and made it for a planned "Paste Paper Playdate." Boy did we have fun. It did take Judith a while to understand the medium and how to work with it since this was her first exposure to it. She will have her work on her blog soon. Although everything was too wet to carry and imagine trying to jockey wet paper to your car in 50 mph winds...enough said!! She did take her photos home though and should have her side of the playdate online soon. Her paste paper was unlike any I've ever seen and AMAZING art!!

First I have two photos of my tea cozy which was strictly utilitarian until Nienke suggested it was a bit bland for an artist's cozy which I then dyed. I took a picture of it laying dead on the table with frayed edges so now it has serged edges and is gracing my tea pot.

After show and tell, Judith and I tried to carve stamps from left-over laminate flooring fom Brian's room. We had limited success but at my urging, Judith took all the remaining scraps homes to work with.

It seems the foam backing on the flooring was formulated to withstand moisture so printing was problematic both with black ink

and red acrylic paint

The fuzzy image was printed on a hard surface; the crisp image on my padded ironing table.

 foam side with my embroidered piece in the works behind it.

exposed flooring

carving material

 first  smacked piece
 Looking through Plexiglas smacker at paste on paper

Smacker after lifting

Below is the paste paper I made



 First I did a half sheet of the spectrum then wetted the other half sheet and took a print. You can see the difference in color.

Then after drying a bit (we ate lunch) I brushed on black paste and used a tool to create the design

Finished piece 

Kind of a sampler of designs I like 

The other half of the spectrum print

Cretacolor aqua sticks (water soluble pastels - highly pigmented)

wood graining tool for false wood grain (see below)

and last but not least

This will be your only warning....mwahhahaha


  1. Well, there are worse fates than being the cover of one of your books.

  2. I have GOT to get smacking! I so love the effect. Where do you get those handles with the suckers on them?


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