13 February 2013

Again with color

I repeated the exercise today with color this time. and also "plans". Mwahahaha!

 Again I started out with 2 sheets 12" X 12" ironed onto steam a seam.

These are two kinds of rollers I bought at the Dollar Tree (everything a dollar). The foam rollers are easily removed from the handle  for washing or messing with. Picture the foam roller with bits of tape or elastics. The other roller is a tacky link roller. I removed the paper on this one and added elastics (below)

A collograph made from hot glue on cardboard. There is paint on it which adds to it's longevity. See if you can find where I used it both today and on the last post!

Lint roller previously mentioned 

FAMOUS Foam donut. I think it came on a knob to protect it while shipping. Definitely one of my favorite tools.

 Both sheets side by side - finished

Woven and held together with the tackiness of the Steam a seam.

Heat bonding it to the brown paper backing.

Four close-ups of individual sections of the piece. You'll see why on the next post
I have "plans"


  1. They are both great experiments with the chance. You might be interested to follow similar ones by Ellsworth Kelly as well.

  2. I have "plans" she says. :) It is interesting to see what happens when the patterns are fragmented.

  3. Oh I LOVE the free and spontaneous feel of these pieces! I have so many repurposed "stamps" I just might have to try this one myself!


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