22 February 2013

Some marks and an embroidery project

Here are some marks I made using a collograph, graphite and pastels.

And this is my butter soft linen with a colored image transfer that I will embroider at night especially during this huge snow storm coming tomorrow (Feb 8th)

I have cut a piece of synthetic felt as backing for the stitching and it is like sending a needle through butter. I LOVE this linen.
On the downside it was so soft and drapey that the stitches were flopping around. I thought of trying stitching the linen and felt backing to a very soft piece of sheeting (actual sheet) and hooping it.

Perfect! Now I just need to wait for the sari yarn...


  1. Projects like this can really make you happy, isn't it? I've been wanting to start an embroidery piece and I think I'm going to use the beautiful snowdye you send me with the giveaway. Am looking forward to it!

  2. A wonderful background to embroider.


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