03 February 2013

Where my thoughts

and your comments have brought me.
After reading your comments this is where I am.
1. I can't seem to move on to new work until I finish this. I seem to be haunted by unfinished projects so I need to so something.
2. In a perfect world, one in which I hadn't so heavily quilted this piece I could
     a. Easily add or remove fabric or
     b. do some stitching of cloud shapes either with hand stitched or machine
3. I want to get this to a place where I can see it daily and not cringe or groan is disgust.
4. I am OK with throwing this in the rubbish but I think it is salvageable, at least I think so.

So in an effort to do as little as possible, what do you think of this:

  I kind of like the one below better - more stable. And you? However the thicker dark at the bottom does add weight - needed weight at the bottom.

I went through all my fabric and dark green actually looked quite good but I didn't have enough. Then I came across 6 values of blue, the one above being the darkest.

Then I decided the fold down the top most section a little and as much as I could.

I like the bottom most except for the fact that now the yellow strip is in dead center. Then again beggars can't be choosers and can I actually live with this?
If I go with the last choice I will probably leave 1/2 to 1 to maybe 1 1/2" of the top most section so it isn't a straight edge.

I think this piece was doomed form the inception because of too straight pieces and too intense quilting. Live and learn. I am open again to feedback before I make the final decision.


  1. The dark blue works well. To me, this piece looks like a beautiful background. I think it wants you to add something. Maybe with paintsticks? Good luck with it, and rethink your thought about the yellow in the middle.

  2. Well, I confess that I like all the variations, but I also agree with Marloes... the addition of maybe some tree silhouettes might be a nice focal point. It's really interesting that you are working on this... I have been grappling with ways to create a "Sunset over the rolling hills" kind of composition, and I think you've done a beautiful job of capturing that feeling! Maybe it doesn't match what you envisioned, but it definitely has a lot to offer!

  3. All of the variations look better with the dark blue. I do like the sun on a lower line, so would not like to see the top cut down. If the sun strip is your focal point, maybe your beads should be only on that strip, though I do like the beads on the water! It's a lovely, soothing piece-don't give up on it!

  4. I took the foto to my Iphoto and put him on his side. Then it only needs a centrepoint and it's beautiful.
    Is that an option?

  5. I love this piece- your colors are so inspiring.
    Since you asked- if you wanted to add something to this- how about a boat bobbing along. Maybe a tiny one. It could break up the yellow.

  6. I agree with everyone.
    1. This is a nice background but you have no foreground.
    2.The darker bottom is great and I would be very tempted to remove all of the blue at the top.
    3.I am not sure the function of the beads that you have added. I would leave them there till I had a focal point and then decide if they worked with the focal point.
    4. My suggestion for a focal point is that lovely thermofax circle you have. Remember you used it on the bird flying across the sun piece for our swap? I can so see several of those in gold on this piece. That would really draw attention to your sun that is lost, at least in the picture posted.


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