15 February 2013

My "Plans" revealed

In Gwen's book, she talks about using close-up images of the pieces and transferring them to cloth then "doing more". Well the place I have my printing done is closed today (MKL Birthday) so I decided to "print" them directly onto cloth. THEN I can add stitch or whatever. They came out GREAT. See for yourself.  I will STILL have toner images printed to later transfer to fabric.

8 1/2" X 11" on cloth

2 each 5" X 7"

2 each 5" X 7"

2 again each 5" X 7"

Handwork? I think so.......


  1. they do look great! i'm curious, how you're going to use them.

  2. ohhh I love how this translated to fabric and yes - hand work stitching will add some nice texture! off the Wall Friday is open if you would like to link up!

  3. You are so intriguing... Can you explain a little about the printing process? Are you running cloth directly through your printer?


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