01 February 2013

A catch-up post

I write these posts as I do the work so sometimes quite a bit can transpire in the time from writing to publishing. Here are a few things I want to pile into one post and sort of "get out there".

A few interesting (to me) things involving paper.

                                   I added these to my book of Substrates


                     This is a scrap book I have had for ages about 10X12
 I collect pictures, leaves and general stuff that interest me and get me motivated

 Wet watercolor paper then pressed objects into the surface to raise it
                                                  or make indentations
                                    My book of substrates getting very full
                                              2 more sheets of marks

 Very interesting stuff. A heavy mailing envelope being sueded and some woven stabilizer for machine embroidery. It was very stiff so I scrunched, washed with soap and rubbed hard and when dry rubbed some more. I think this material will prove to be very interesting to work with.
     Remember these. Below is a piece of plexiglass that I used to make a "smack"

                                 Pictures of a smack coming up next post.


  1. The embossed watercolor paper is fab!

  2. You make me dizzy. (But in a good sort of way. Do you ever sleep?)
    February--watching the quality of light change. 1/2 way to vernal equinox!


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